A Perfect Fried Egg

Eggs are perfect little bundles of protein, energy, and vitamins encased in a handy single-serving shell. Their mild flavor and tender, creamy texture makes them adaptable to a number of uses. Let’s learn a simple way to cook eggs: frying them in a skillet.

Tools Needed:

  • flipping spatula
  • skillet (non-stick or cast iron)

Ingredients Needed:

  • eggs
  • olive oil

Lesson Gallery... Yum yum.

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  • Not the best but it’s eggs so all good. Added too much oil and forgot to lower the heat right away so a little bit too crispy. Next time!

  • Since I wasn’t able to get my activation email for a while and had to start work in 10 min., I decided to just forge ahead with taking my best guess as to how one would make a fried egg using the materials/ingredients listed in the mission preview. Sadly, this did not turn out very prettily… I thought fried eggs were made by using the egg white to cover over the yolk, and due to a combination of my lack of cooking intuition and a low egg white to yolk ratio, I ended up with what I’ll call the “scantily-clad egg.” Still, it tasted delicious on my almost-burnt-but-still-edible toast.

  • We decided to put our fried eggs on top of some delicious chicken fried rice. The runny yolk blended nicely with the rice. We used our mini cast iron skillet for frying the eggs, which worked quite nicely. Next time, however, we’ll add a bit more oil between the two eggs, since our second egg browned a bit too much. The eggs reminded us of “google-y” eyes, so that is the inspiration for our picture.

  • #putaneggonit I try to put a fried egg on top of everything I cook, because there are very few dishes that are not elevated by crispy whites and gooey egg-yolk sauce. Also because eggs are my favorite food.