Apache web server download for windows xp

apache web server download for windows xp

If you design websites you might want to install a web server on your computer in order to test your sites in an environment that matches the real thing as close as possible. This article describes how to install and configure the open-source Apache HTTP web server and how to make it work with not one site but as many as you require setver a technique called name-based virtual hosting. Planning a good folder structure for organizing your websites is important. Assuming that you have your own company, I recommend to create a "My Company" folder make ringtone software free download pc your "My Documents" folder. Instead of "My Company" you might want to use the real name of your company.
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  • If you want to use the web server in a local network, you have to use an IP address that can be contacted by other computers in the network. Also, you either have to modify all hosts files on each and every computer, or set up a name server. Add the following line to the end of the httpd. Since the ServerRoot in the default install is set to the folder that contains the conf folder we can use the short relative notation as given above.

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    Note: where filenames are specified, you must use forward slashes instead of backslashes e. After changes have been made to the httpd. If you are logged in with Administrator rights the easiest way to do this is by using the Apache monitor which is started when you log in and available via the system tray. Click the right windows context menu button on the red feather icon in the download tray and select the Open Apache Monitor menu entry.

    Note that during installation windoows the Apache web server apachr short cut to the Apache web monitor is created in the Startup folder of "All Users" i. Users with limited access rights are not able to control the Apache service but will get the Apache monitor running in their system tray anyway.

    You might want to move the short cut to the Startup folder of a user with Administrator rights. Note that this only works if the command prompt has Administrator rights. As a limited user open the "Accessories" of the "All Programs" menu in the Start menu. Place the mouse pointer on top of the Command Prompt entry, press the right context menu mouse button, and server the "Run As In the "Run as" dialog window switch to "The following user" and select a user with Administrator rights from the drop down menu and enter apache password for the selected user.

    In a similar manner a user with limited rights can run ApacheMonitor. However, most of the time switching to an account windowx Administrator rights is more convenient. If the For web server can't be started after a change to a configuration file, open a command prompt you don't need Administrator rightschange the working directory to the Apache bin directory, and run apache.

    In the above case I made on purpose a spelling mistake in the virtual-hosts. Fix the problem reported, and run apache.

    Using Apache HTTP Server on Microsoft Windows - Apache HTTP Server Version

    If the program reports that the syntax is ok:. Tip : you might want to study some of the other apache. Use apache -h to get an overview. For example the option -S shows the virtual host settings, see the next section. Apachw adding the Include directive to Apache's httpd.

    Installing PHP for Apache HTTP server on Windows XP

    Note that if you add new ones you have to update the hosts file as well. Since the virtual-hosts. Note that I replaced a part of the DocumentRoot path with three dots Make sure that you use the full path in your virtual-hosts. Moreover, each backslash should be replaced with a forward slash. Also note that the DocumentRoot directory web doesn't end with a slash at all.

    With the above set up both the error log and the access log are written by the web server inside the logs folder, a sub folder of the folder defined by the Dkwnload directive. For each virtual host you should use a unique name for each log file so you are able to distinguish between them and find possible problems sooner.

    Apache HTTP Server 2.4.51

    I decided to use web domain name as a prefix for each type of log file. Also, for windows access log I specified the combined log format. This is the common format with two additional fields: the Referer "previous page" and User Agent which download was used to make the request.

    The NameVirtualHost directive is only required once, so server it at the start of the virtual-hosts. With apache -S capital S on the command line see previous section you can get a report of your virtual host settings. If you visit one of your virtual sites with a browser you get a " Forbidden" error, unless you already put an index.

    You might want to copy the following simple HTML into an index. You might want to replace all 3 occurrences of lc. To be able to manage an Apache service with the monitor, you for to first install the service either automatically via the installation or manually. You can install Apache as a Windows NT service as follows from the command prompt at the Apache bin subdirectory:.

    If you need to specify the apache of the service you want to install, use the following command. You have to do this if you have several different service installations of Apache on your computer. If you specify a name during the install, you have to also specify it during any other -k operation.

    If you need to have specifically named configuration files for different services, you must use this:. If you use the first command without any special parameters except -k installthe service will be called Apache2. Before starting Apache as a service by any means, you should test the service's configuration file by using:. You can control an Apache service by its command line switches, too.

    To start an installed Apache service you'll use this:. You can also restart a running service and force it to reread its configuration file by using:. By default, all Apache services are registered to run as the system user the LocalSystem account. It has, however, wide privileges locally.

    It is recommended that users create a separate account for running Apache service s. If you have to access network resources via Apache, this is required. If you allow the account to log in as a user and as a service, then you can log on with that account and test that the account has the privileges to execute the scripts, read the web pages, and that you can start Apache in a console window.

    If this works, and you have followed the steps above, Apache should execute as a service with no problems. When starting Apache as a service you may encounter an error message from the Windows Service Control Manager. For example, if you try to start Apache by using the Services applet in the Windows Control Panel, you may get the following message:.

    apache web server download for windows xp

    Could not start the Apache2. You will get this generic error if there is web problem with starting the Apache service. In order apache see what is really causing the problem you should follow the instructions for For Apache for Server from the Command Prompt. If you are having problems with the service, it is suggested you follow the instructions below to try starting httpd.

    Running Apache as a service is usually the recommended way to use it, but it is sometimes easier to work from the command line, especially during initial windows and testing. This will open a console window and start Apache inside it. If you don't have Apache installed as a service, the window will remain visible until you stop Apache by pressing Control-C in the console window where Apache is running in.

    The server will exit in a few seconds. However, if you do have Apache installed as a service, the shortcut starts the service. If the Apache service is running download, the shortcut doesn't do anything. If Apache is running as a service, you can tell it to stop by opening another console window and entering:.

    Clicking on the Start button of your taskbar and selecting "All programs" you will see the "Apache HTTP Server " entry. Click it. Click on Configure and click on Edit the Apache scratchhouse.co file. Search for the DocumentRoot entry and this will tell you where you need to place the files to be served via your brand new Apache web server. To restart Apache, either press Control-Break in the console window you used for starting Apache, or enter. scratchhouse.co -k restart. if the server is running as a service. Note for people familiar with the Unix version of Apache: these commands provide a Windows equivalent to kill -TERM pid and kill -USR1 pid. This article describes how to install PHP on a computer running Windows XP and the Apache HTTP server. If you haven't installed Apache yet, you might want to read: Installing and configuring Apache on Windows XP. Downloading PHP Go to the PHP download page and select the PHP download you want to install. At the time of writing PHP.

    Running as a service should be web over running in a console window because this lets Apache end any current operations and clean up gracefully. But download the server is running in a console window, you can only stop it by pressing Windows in the same window. You can also tell Apache to restart.

    This for it to reread the configuration file. Any operations in progress are allowed to complete without interruption. To restart Apache, either press Control-Break in the console window you used for starting Apache, or enter. Change to the folder to which you installed Apache, type the command httpd.

    Then change to the logs folder, and review the error. When working with Apache it is important to know how it will find the configuration file. You can specify a apache file on the command line in two ways:. In both of these cases, the proper ServerRoot should be set in the configuration file. If CGI scripts are serve enabled for these aliased pathes, this downliad allow for server code execution.

    This issue only affects Apache 2.

    Clicking on the Start button of your taskbar and selecting "All programs" you will see the "Apache HTTP Server " entry. Click it. Click on Configure and click on Edit the Apache scratchhouse.co file. Search for the DocumentRoot entry and this will tell you where you need to place the files to be served via your brand new Apache web server. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Just download and start the installer. It's that easy. XAMPP for Windows , & As of this writing, the current version of Apache is and PHP is Download the Apache Windows MSI Installer from scratchhouse.co Download the PHP Windows Zip Package from scratchhouse.co The first step to getting Drupal running on your Windows machine is to set up the Apache web server by running the Apache MSI installer. The following steps will walk you through theEstimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

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