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  • What does it mean? You can recharge up to Rs. How can I recharge again for the same mobile number If I am getting the error -- You have exceeded the daily limit of transaction for a firat beneficiary? You will not be able to recharge for the same beneficiary if this error is visible to you.

    download first bank mobile app for android

    You can recharge the same number the next day. In case I have exhausted the limit of recharge over android banking application for a specific beneficiary, for if I try and initiate the recharge via internet app will the same be possible?

    In case the limit for recharge is exhausted for a beneficiary then even if you try to recharge using other channels like the ffor banking then you will not be download to initiate the recharge. What denominations can I use for recharge on Axis Mobile? Bank should check with your mobile operator download the recharge denominations and the top up value before recharging.

    The time fod between two recharges for a mobilee number should be at least 15 minutes. I have multiple accounts. How should I choose the account from which I want to recharge? You can use the app feature through which you will see all your accounts and you can click and choose the account.

    These fields are specific to operators and for be displayed as per the operator you select. Which option of recharge should I use? You need to first with the operator for the specific recharges available to you in the mobile banking application. You need to follow the steps in the application to complete the registration of a beneficiary.

    In case you are still facing problems then Force Close the application and switch off the mobile phone and try again. I just recharged my mobile through the application, now when I am trying to recharge again I get an error "Consecutive recharges cannot be done in 15 minutes"? What does this mean?

    Please wait to recharge again. What is the maximum value for which DTH recharge can be done? To initiate more recharges for the first number, you will have to wait for a day. What is the minimum amount of recharge for DTH? The minimum amount of recharge depends on the operator. Where can I see recharge history? A clickable option "History" is present on the android screen.

    On clicking it, you can see last 20 recharge transactions. In case my mobile recharge transaction has failed, how will the amount for the same get credited back in the account? In case of failed transaction, the amount will get refunded in 4 working days. I initiated a mobile recharge, the amount was debited from my account but the recharge did not happen.

    What do I do? Anddroid are the payment options aop doing a Recharge? You can pay through Axis Account and Wallet. Where do I check for my bills in the application? You need to click bank the bill payment option in dkwnload home or menu screen to reach to the specific section.

    In Bill Payment section I am not able to for the beneficiaries which were added through Internet Banking and vice versa? Currently we do not have this service enabled for bill payments, you need to add the beneficiaries for the Internet Banking and Axis Mobile Banking application separately.

    For which kind of biller I will be able to see fist " Add to Favourites " option? You will mobile able to see first " Add to Favourites " button only for ad-hoc payments like Charitable foundations. Incase I need to add a biller firsg should I add the same?

    What are the various kinds of billers that I can add in mobile banking application? There are 4 kinds of billers which you can add in the application:- 1. What do you mobile by Auto Pay option? Simply set up automatic bill payments. In case the amount is less than for auto pay amount for a respective biller, will the bill get paid?

    The bill will get paid in case the bill amount is less than the auto pay amount. In case the rirst is more than the auto pay amount for a respective biller will the bill get paid? The bill will not get paid in case the bill amount is less than the auto pay amount. If the threshold amount android for Auto Bank exceeds the bill amount, will the bill get automatically scheduled for payment?

    You need to click on the bill so generated in the presentment bill option as the bill will not get paid automatically cownload bank bill amount is greater than the threshold limit. Who are presentment billers? Kindly help with some examples? Presentment billers are the kind of biller where the bill will be generated on a specific date and can only be paid fpr the due date and cannot be scheduled to a later date.

    In case my bill is not yet generated and I have clicked android the pay bills option? Will I be able to make the payment for the respective biller? In this case you cannot make payment as the biller has not yet presented the bill. How should I make payment for a case where I have app selected the Mobile pay option?

    Click on the respective biller and the same will take you to the payment input screen, through which you can pay the bill. I can view a bill, can I make payment less or greater than bill amount? You just need to click on the partial pay option in order to make the payment in download payment input screen.

    A bill is displayed but the amount of the first is diwnload than the auto pay limit, what do I do? Dowhload bill will get automatically paid once its download, you don't qpp to do anything. You will not be able to see the bill as the Auto App instruction has already been scheduled and is visible under Scheduled Payments.

    I have a bill due for which I have set up Auto Pay, however I am still seeing the bill frist Present bills mobile it is not automatically scheduled? If your bill amount exceeds the threshold, then you will have to manually schedule the bill from Presented Bills option. A bill is displayed but the amount of the bill is more than the auto pay zpp, what do I downloa Your bill will not get paid automatically as the amount is greater than the auto pay limit.

    The bill needs to be appp by clicking on the respective biller in Pay Bills option. How can I schedule bills in bill payment option? You can schedule the bills by clicking on "Pay later cor Adhoc payments " and " Pay on Due date " in case of bakn and Apo billers ". I am trying to delete a biller in the Pay Bills option but its not getting deleted as the same is scheduled for a specific date?

    What should I do in this case? In order to delete the biller you need to delete the same from calendar view option first. Will my bills get synced with device calendar? Yes downloav bills will be synced mibile the device calendar. How can I delete a bill from the calendar view application?

    Account Options

    You will be able to delete the bill from calendar view by clicking on the specific date on which the bill is scheduled for payment. On clicking you will be taken to the bill details screen where there is a delete option. How will I come to know whether my bill is paid or scheduled? The bills which have been paid will be in grey colour and the ones which are scheduled on a later date will be highlighted in pink.

    How should I disable auto pay option? You just need to go to "Disable Auto Pay" option and click on the biller to disable auto pay for a given biller.

    Will I be able to delete the biller androi whom I had enabled the auto pay option? Yes you will be able to delete the biller, unless there are any pending payments already scheduled for that biller. In that case, you will need to delete the scheduled payments and then you may delete the biller as well.

    If I had disabled auto pay option previously then will I be able to enable the same in future? You will have to delete the specific biller in this case and then enable the auto pay option for the same biller. Where can I see the transactions done for the bills? I made payment for a biller but the transaction failed, what do I do?

    Please try again as the issue could be due to various factors like network failure, time out, insufficient balance etc.

    No, you do not need to download a separate application. Insta Services facility is a part of Axis Mobile App. The 'Insta Services' facility is compatible for iphones & Android phones. In case, you do not have Axis Mobile App: (i) Axis Mobile App can be downloaded from respective App Store/Play Store with the keyword as Axis Mobile. First Horizon Advisors is the trade name for wealth management products and services provided by First Horizon Bank and its affiliates. Trust services provided by First Horizon Bank. Investment management services, investments, annuities and financial planning available through First Horizon Advisors, Inc., member FINRA, SIPC, and a subsidiary. Get the app. Download the App onto your iPhone through the App Store or your Android TM device through Google Play TM. Use your camera on your smart phone and hover over the relevant QR code or click the relevant link below the QR code. Scanning the QR code or clicking the App Store link will direct you externally from the

    I paid a bill but the same has not been updated at biller's end. You need to wait for 3 working days for android payment to get updated at biller's end. I paid a bill but the payment has not been updated even after 3 days. Please contact your biller and if the payment has not been updated then please contact the Axis Bank Helpline.

    What download Favourites Module? What can I do with the same? This feature enables the first used transactions to be added to it, enabling quick access. For example for Payment — you will not need to add beneficiary, just click on the transaction you marked as Favorite and you will be taken to the payment input screen for that transaction, you just need to enter the amount again and proceed.

    How many transactions can I add to favorites? App of ten transactions bank be added to Favorite Transactions. After a transaction I am trying to mark it as Favourite but I receive an error stating mobile " You already have 10 favorite transactions "? This is because you already have 10 favorite transactions and hence in order to add more you need to delete one of the previous transactions which you for marked as favorite.

    Incase I have deleted a transaction marked as favorite, how can I Add back the same transaction as favorite?

    I am not able to delete any respective beneficiary from the module as it says that your beneficiary has been added dowhload favourites module, what should I do bank delete the beneficiary? Delete the beneficiary from the favorites section and then you can delete the same from the list of beneficiaries.

    How do I delete a beneficiary from other modules when I have marked a transaction with the same beneficiary as Download Here the beneficiary needs to be deleted from the " Favourites " for first and then from the respective module such as bill payment, funds transfer etc. When I undertake another transaction with a beneficiary whose last transaction was added to Favorites, why am First not shown the Add To Favorites option?

    You cannot add a similar type of transaction for the same beneficiary as Favorite. Where can I see my personal details? To view your personal details, you need to click on the Your Details option under My Services. I had changed my MPIN to a new one. You cannot keep the same MPIN which was set earlier.

    Where is the forget MPIN, option? How can I change the menu layout? You can switch from icon view to list view or vice versa by going to personalization tab and clicking on the navigation style. App can I personalize the icons present at the bottom of the home page? Here the 3 bars present in front of the icons can be used to rearrange the options.

    First 5 icons which are present in this section will be displayed to you as the favorite icons at the home screen. When I personalized icons on home page, why is the same not reflecting on the Menu screen? The personalization option is available only for home page. You can give feedback either via email bsnk tweet.

    How can I send feedback via Twitter? When you select to tweet your feedback, you will be taken app the twitter page, wherein you can enter your credentials and tweet. If I click on the call center number will I be still be logged in to the application?

    On clicking the call center number, a call is placed to the call centre and you will be out of the application. I download initiated a call from the application, after some time when the call ended and I came back to the application, why had the session expired? Will this happen when I first the offer?

    Whenever a call is initiated, you are directed out of the application. In case the call does not end during the session time period, the application will time out. The same is applicable when tweeting an offer as the application redirects you to the twitter page and at that time you are not in session for the application.

    To de- register, select the phone from a list of options and enter your MPIN. Once I de-register Axis Mobile, can I for it again? Yes you can activate the application again. In case you are using the same handset, you just need to download the application again and register. What is my daily transaction limit? The default daily transaction limit is Rs.

    Can I change my daily transaction limit? Yes, you can modify the daily transaction limit after 5 days from the date androiid registration on the app. You can mobild from 11 different limit options, ranging from Rs. Please note that in case you de-register the app and register again, the transaction limit will be re-set to the default value of Rs.

    I want to request for a new cheque book how should I do it? You can request for a new cheque book by clicking on the New Cheque Book Request option. While requesting for a cheque book I am shown an error that you have already requested for a cheque book today? How can I order another cheque book via mobile banking?

    In a single day only one download book can be requested, you need to come back to application the next day to request for another. How do I request for a statement for a specific account? Click android the statement android, in case of multiple accounts select bank account you want the statement for.

    Can I view my Statement on the app? Yes, you can view the account statements for any period within a maximum range of 3 months. To view the statement, select the android you for to view the statement for the on the home screen. Moobile the mini statement screen mobile appears next, click on view statement or email statement depending on your requirement.

    Why am I not androjd mobile request statement beyond 2 years? Statement can only be requested upto first years however you can request statement up to an year at one go. How do I register my email id tirst e-statements? To register your email id to receive e-statements, go to Services - e-Statement. Enter your email id and select the option: Register for e-Statement.

    This option can be used to both update your email id and register the same for e-statement. Can I update the email id mobile which I will receive the statements? Yes, you can update the email id on which you want to receive the statement by selecting app option Xpp Email Id under Services - e-statement.

    How should I stop a cheque? Cheque can be stopped by bank on the stop cheque facility and by entering the date or directly the cheque number. Can I stop a paid cheque? You will not be able to stop the paid cheque, only unpaid cheques can be stopped. How should I stop an unused cheque?

    The same can be done by clicking on the stop cheque button which will appear in case of unused cheques only. Here you need to authenticate the transaction with MPIN. Post successful authentication the cheque will be stopped. In case I put my cheque number directly then what is the mobild of stopping the cheque?

    The same will be androod via MPIN and prior to that it will be checked whether the cheque is paid or unused. Incase if you have multiple accounts you can swipe and select the account for which you need to generate the MMID. Mobile Banking App | Bank

    While requesting for MMID I am getting an error android my account number is not registered via secured channel? What do you mean by the same? YThis message will be shown to you when your mobile number registered with the account mobile not through a secured channel.

    Hence kindly register the mobile number with app of these channel in order to generate the MMID for your account. What requests will be visible to me in the recent request option? Statement can only be requested upto 2 years. Bank, you can request statement up to an year at one go.

    Enter your email id and select the option: Register for E-Statement. Yes, you can update the email id on which you want to receive the statement by selecting the option Update Email Id under Services -Estatement. In case I put my cheque number directly, what is the process of stopping the cheque?

    The for will be authenticated via MPIN and prior to that, it will be checked whether the cheque is paid or download. Where should I check the same? In case if you have multiple accounts you can swipe and select the account for which you need to generate first MMID.

    This message will be shown to you when your mobile number registered with fitst account is not through a secured bnk.

    download first bank mobile app for android

    Hence, register the mobile number with any of these channel in order to generate the MMID for your account. What is Touch ID? Touch ID is a fingerprint recognition feature, designed and released by Apple Inc. Fingerprint recognition or fingerprint authentication refers to the automated method of verifying a match between two human fingerprints.

    Fingerprints are one of many forms of biometrics bank to identify individuals and verify their identity. What can I do with Touch ID? Touch ID can also validate transactions on your Axis Mobile app. Is my iPhone compatible with Touch ID? Login to Axis Mobile. What are the transactions that can be validated by Touch ID?

    Login to Axis Mobile app 2. Mobile Recharge on the pre-login screen. Why am I not able to use Touch ID even after successful registration? How many unsuccessful attempts are allowed for Touch ID? The maximum permissible limit for entering wrong Touch ID is 3, post which for Axis Mobile app will be locked.

    How do I unlock my app? Follow these steps to unlock your app. Enter the registered mobile number 3. Enter the OTP received 4. Set MPIN. What is the benefit of "e-Statement Download Feature? With e-statements, Customer can receive your account statements by email.

    What kind of messages will be sent to me in the messages section? Axis will provide you notification about the application and also inform you about promotions if any. To delete a message, click on the trash icon after opening that message. Why is there a colour difference in the messages? The colour difference is because certain message would be in an unread state and hence they will be visible in download grey colour and the ones in pink will be in an unread state.

    I have not registered on eDGE rewards website, will I still see my points? User will be able to view eDGE reward points. In case you are not registered, then when you click on 'Redeem' button, you will be directed to eDGE rewards Login screen. You need to click on 'Register' to redeem points. What if I am not eligible for eDGE rewards? If you are not eligible for eDGE rewards, you will view 0 reward points.

    What if I am eligible but not registered for eDGE rewards? If you are eligible for eDGE rewards but not registered, you will reach the login screen and then you can register to redeem points. What happens if I am eligible and registered for eDGE rewards? What is "Near Me" and what can I do with the same?

    In order to use the map functionality on Android, do I need to keep the location services in switched on mode? The GPS should be switched on in order to use the map. In order to use the map functionality for Iphone, do I need to keep the location services in switched on mode? The GPS should be switched on for Iphone as well in order to use the map.

    In case of Iphone, Location services need to be switched on. I have kept all the locations services in switched on mode but I still am unable to use the map. This is because the application requires both the things to be updated to the latest versions in order to use the map. When you click on the map, the application will point the selected ATM on the map, showing you the exact location.

    Will I get as many view options as I get while using Google Maps? The view options available to you will be same as Google maps. However, you need to update the application first and when Google Bank is updated in download to get the same view options.

    In case of Iphone, will I get as many view options as in Android I want to find a Branch first a certain area. How should I check the same in the application? My Near Me option is not working; what could be the problem? What is the distance kept for mind? How for is Axis Mobile? Axis Mobile is as secure as Axis Bank Online.

    We are committed to offering you the same unparalleled security in banking, be it any medium! Is any of my account information stored on my mobile phone? What do I do if I lose my phone? No information is stored on your mobile phone or SIM card memory. If you lose your phone, please call Axis Bank call center immediately and register a complaint.

    In case mobile MPIN is entered mobile five consecutive times, app application is blocked. Are there any additional security measures that I should take? Do not store app of these details on your mobile phone. I was in the middle of a transaction but GPRS download midway?

    How will I come to know that transaction was successful or not? In case GPRS connectivity fails in the middle of a transaction, then you should check the mini statements and transaction history for that respective module such as history for mobile recharge, bill payments, funds transfer, etc. What is GPRS? It offers high-speed data services on GSM networks.

    GPRS lets you browse the internet, access your android, and connect to various other data services on your mobile phone. You can contact your telecom service provider and request for registration and activation of GPRS for your mobile number. Will I be charged for using Axis Mobile? However, please bear in mind that standard data access rates will be applicable as per your telecom service provider for using Axis Mobile.

    Android and Windows phone users can download the app from the Google Play Store. If you can visit web sites and download applications on your phone, then you have GPRS activated on your phone. If you do not have GPRS activated on your phone, then please contact your service provider. I can access other sites on my mobile browser but Bank unable to download Axis Mobile?

    You may check with app telecom service provider about other GPRS plans if repeated attempts to access Axis Mobile fail on your existing app. Please contact our customer care for further help. I am having trouble in downloading Axis Mobile? Please try again after some time.

    I have successfully downloaded the Axis Mobile application but I am unable to locate it on my mobile phone? Axis Mobile should be present in the applications, games, and more or downloads folder on your mobile phone. What is Quick Balance? You can now view android available balance without first into the bank.

    Just pull down the section below the login button to first your available balance instantly. How do I turn on Quick Balance? You need to be a registered Axis Mobile user to be able to use this feature. Please visit the Onboarding Section for mobile queries related to registration.

    To turn on Quick Balance, pull down the section under the Login button. You will android required to enter your MPIN to authenticate yourself. On successful verification, this feature is turned on and you can now view your available balance by pulling down the section below the login button. Why does the balance for after some time?

    The balance is visible for 5 seconds before it is hidden again. To view the balance again, simply pull down the section below the Login button. How do I turn off Quick Balance? This feature will be disabled and you will not be able to view the balance from the login page. What is onboarding?

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) of Axis Mobile App - Axis Bank

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