Ford sync 2 update download

ford sync 2 update download

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  • I've gotten the black screen of death more in the last year than I ever have in the seven years I've owned this car.

    I'm sure dowload APIM is about to die. Has anyone had trouble uploading the completed update file to ford, the update itself was successful. I have tried Chrome and IE with no success. I have successfully downloaded and installed V3. I have a Edge Sport and need a new phone but would like to get a phone that would be compatible with Sync2.

    The LG I now have works well, text, phone, caller ID and such but the phone is on death's door and needs to be replaced. It must be the USB sync type. In the past I've been successful in downloading and installing the update for 3. I am a Tech Support for primarily Macintosh platform, so I understand the difference with Fat32 formatting as opposed to Extended Macintosh etc.

    I recall when I was successful with previous Sync updates, I used the Fat32 format and utilized download process outlined on the Ford site, Now though having attempted to update to the latest 3. All formatted on update Windows computer first before mounting the drive on the Macintosh desktop and placing the downloaded.

    Then using Stuffit Expander. Using Stuffit Expander is the way to go for certain it seems. At least on downkoad Macintosh platform, since the Unzip app provided by Mac seems to mash and create way too many files in the folder that Sync expects to see. But, what is odd, with each of the 3 USB drives Update obtain the same error.

    After that the progress download along the bottom chugs along installing up to 5 of 6 and haunts for a period. Ford then quickly flashes to the end, and seems to complete but I never see the 6 of 6. The screen goes dark for a period, flashes, and then comes fogd again with the ford Waiting for the.

    The next statement is that there is a problem the USB drive and I should contact Technical support for Sync or something like that. Like I said I've tried more than a few times with each and I obtain the same message. I've even tried the upper or the lower USB port in the console to no avail. I give up. USB uppdate. Now updxte really interesting is that upcate sync month ago, OEM battery crapped itself.

    I purchased a diwnload one and installed it. After this I notice my contacts for my downlkad and quick dial had been updqte. I then reset the Sync system while my iPhone 6 with iOS Sync Idd my phone and proceeded to update Contacts including images I have for each.

    It reads them in the Sync voice. HOW cool is that!? But why this never downloda this for me before. Almost like a new feature, and all this uprate I updated to the latest 3. In fact, if in PARK, Sync offers me an option to view, presented sync the main screen and even select reply or next text in tread etc.

    This is awesome and I really am quite satisfied with this Sync system now. Up until now, all it would offer me it to hold the steering wheel button, invoke Siri, and have her read to me. It worked, but lacklustre download to some of my friends with an Android phone with Sync. If I get up the energy to "play" further update this Sync system, I may downloqd 3.

    But for now. I think I ford leave well enough alone.

    Ford India SYNC® SUPPORT 2 - Learn how to download software updates to a computer Feature Once your phone is connected to SYNC®, lets you do what you need to do, hands-free while you drive. For fun. For family. For business. Oct 07,  · Just a note that Ford has finally made available to customers a direct download to the official Ford Sync 2 MyFord Touch software update at No need to download the functionnal but tweaked russian version anymore! I had the v version and I updated without any problems. It took about 22 minutes to do. Apr 25,  · It has been confirmed that Ford has released the official update to Sync3 version It has been confirmed to work for people in MY16 cars on Sync3 version , Systems that upgraded to the Unofficial version and people in MY17 cars that had version Interaction Count:

    IF anyone has an idea to reset the Calendar so when I touch Goto Today, it doesn't jump to that'd be helpful. Yes, I will try pointing the front of the Edge south disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes, and the reconnecting battery entering the car, turn the ignition on, select Calendar and Goto Today confirming the date etc.

    I downlad tried this technic yet.

    ford sync 2 update download

    Liptoss, I have had the same sync message. I tried about six times with 3 different usb drives. What I found out, after much searching and syncc is that the Ford website's instructions for updating tell you to not unzip the files update putting on usb. Then they show to unzip download copy and paste the files with Windows Explorer and show an image with the dkwnload unzipped AND the zipped file on the usb.

    This finally updated the software to 3. I know you were using a Mac, but maybe they showed the same image with all the files and the zip file. This was what downkoad causing my usb error message. Hope it helps. Looks like my Nav was deleted as well. Anyone else have this problem. I had a 13 Fusion Titanium and did updates no problem. Was hoping to not have to bring it in as I use it mostly for back up Nav.

    System is showing 3. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Dowmload in here. Images 0. Tint complete. Mastinique, MI. Sign in to follow this Ford 4.

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    Report post. Posted September 20, edited. Edited September 20, by Agima. You also will lose your navigation and I lost my assist too. The patches to put it back all reference udate 3. I have found a file from xda developers that repairs the navigation installation with SYNC version 3. I have followed all other steps install navipatch, wallpaper, master reset, etc My navigation works.

    I love it. If you updated to 3. You may not need to do this twice, I dunno. I only know it worked for cord.

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    There is a way to do this. You just need the right install files. Check out this thread. I found this post after I found XDA but also downgrading to 3. You have to have donwload Navigation AG file for it to work on 3. Ive done for the same and updated to 3. This thread gives you links where you can get them.

    Put the Navipatch file on a USB and apply it to you vehicle and then go to settings - display and where your.

    SYNC 2 Ver Navigation - FORScan forum

    Install appropriate Navigation card purchase from Ebay or wherever and put it in the sd slot when you system asks for it. You may also have to do a reset to activate it. It starts to load file 1 then I get this message: Installation failed "The installation has run out of space or does not work with this version" I have tried this over and over again, I tried it with the forscan bit to enable Navigation and without it enabled, still no luck.

    Very frustrating!

    My Ford Vehicle > sync and technology > sync software updates. Ford Power-Up Software Updates THE NEW, RIGHT NOW. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL. With Wi-Fi connected and a schedule set, your vehicle is ready for updates. Ford Power- Up software updates may appear as icons on your in-vehicle screen when they become available. Sep 04,  · + Super Duty - NAV Sync update-download site - Can someone share a link for this download? All the links I've found mentioned . Apr 25,  · It has been confirmed that Ford has released the official update to Sync3 version It has been confirmed to work for people in MY16 cars on Sync3 version , Systems that upgraded to the Unofficial version and people in MY17 cars that had version Interaction Count:

    Any Idea as to what I could be doing wrong?

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