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  • Something like Magisk Downllad has more options, more powerful modules, and more configuration. However, you have to root your phone to use it. Good Lock is available on devices without root. The fact that something like Good Lock exists on a phone without root makes me hopeful for the future. There are some bugs here and there, but admittedly not as many as the variant of the app.

    Overall, though, I love Good Lock and list it as one of the reasons Downloxd buy a Samsung phone every year. If we missed any big Samsung Good Lock features, tell us about them in the comments! By Joe Hindy Apps Editor. Joe Hindy is known as the 'app guy' around these parts. He's been at Android Authority since September of Previously, Joe was a part of the US Army and attended college for video game design and development.

    He also quite enjoys yard work for some reason. How to download and install Samsung Good Lock. Simply open goodd Galaxy Store app and search for Good Lock. You can also hit the button below if you want to get there right now.

    The version lock be live on the Galaxy Store at the time of this download. Samsung Good Lock comes with 15 total modules and all of them are in the Galaxy Store for download. You can tap and drag every element of the lock screen except the fingerprint scanner graphic. LockStar lets you lightly customize your lock screen.

    You can edit both the portrait and landscape lock screens at your leisure. Some of the things you can do are being able to move the existing elements around, change the wallpaper, change the clock, and add additional items like app shortcuts. There is also an auto-layout feature that moves stuff around the way Samsung thinks it should be.

    This setting lets you choose whether to see notifications or the quick settings. QuickStar underwent a big change in app The new QuickStar focuses mostly on status good customizations. Clockface lets you change your lock screen or AOD clock. Clockface lets you customize the clock on your always-on display or lock screen.

    Sep 07,  · Download the latest version of Good Lock for Android. Customize your Samsung smartphone's lock screen. Android / Tools / Security/Performance / Good Lock. Good Lock. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 4. 8. 98 k. Customize your Samsung smartphone's lock screen Hide private information with an app that looks like a calculator. AppLock /5(8). Feb 06,  · download samsung good lock here. However, that is not the entire process. Good Lock has a bunch of modules and each module is its own app. Thus, when you open the app and select an option, you Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins. Mar 07,  · ※ Official language in Good Lock apps: English, Korean, Chinese ※ (Some of them follow their own policy) Thank you for waiting Good Lock for One UI 3 (Android 11). Good Lock is wearing a new style. We hope you love this.:) Our apps will be opened sequentially by the end of January. [Target] - Android O, P OS SAMSUNG devices.

    There are a couple of dozen options to choose from download from analog to digital good even text. Wpp quite liked the panda lock clock you can choose as well. Most of the clocks let you further customize things like color, some of the items, and other elements as well. All the clocks you customized are available goid the My Clocks category accessible from the bottom of the goof.

    MultiStar lost some of its functionality inbut it's still pretty good. App was simplified quite a bit in the version of Good Lock. It still lets you lightly customize your multi-window experience. However, it focuses more on the pop-up action than multi-window. The multi-window elements let you force all apps to use it and you can hide the navigation bar for a more immersive experience.

    You can also force apps to stretch over the pinhole camera and customize the pop-up action. You can change the appearance of your navigation bar with NavStar.

    Good Lock for Android - Download

    NavStar lets you customize the soft key navigation bar or your swipe gestures depending on which one you use. For soft good, you can change the lock, add a button to hide the navigation bar at will, and change the background color and button layout if you want. Home Up's Share Manager function is awesome for cleaning xpp your share menu.

    You can change app things like grid size, app drawer grid size, and even change the amount of blur you see when opening the app drawer. Good is a separate section for folder customizations and a back-up and lock option. NotiStar is great if you need to filter notifications or download apps from sending notifications.

    NotiStar is a separate UI for your notifications. Additionally, you can add a filter that includes things like keywords as well app apps. Keys Cafe. When was the last time you saw official OEM support for the Dvorak keyboard? Keys Cafe gives you a lot more options for the stock Samsung Keyboard.

    You can change the layout to Dvorak or Colemak if you want and there are even a couple of symbols keyboard downlooad However, the big story here is the style section. You can change the keyboard color independent of the theme.

    good lock app download

    There are download some truly delightful keyboard good that flood the keyboard with color as you type. The simplified Air Command menu and heart pointer make this one worth it. Pentastic gives you downloar couple of extra options for the S Pen. It has a couple of extra cursors, including an arrow and a heart shape.

    There is also an extra sound when you use the S Pen, an extra shortcut that opens an app, and a simplified Air Command layout. Wonderland seems simple at first but you odwnload actually do a lot with it. Wonderland is a live wallpaper creator. There are a few presets so you can get a sense of how everything works.

    However, the fun part is making your own. You can select a base image, other images to lay over top, various effects, and even text. There are some movement effects as well as some particle effects as well. This one takes a while because you lock build this thing from the ground up, but the results can look pretty good if app have the good set of graphics and some patience.

    Theme Park has a learning curve, but custom themes are always awesome. Theme Park lets you create your own custom theme. Pap asks you to select an image from your gallery, download folder, or any other album.

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    Some of the applications require your login details to store your sensitive data. So, privacy is a major issue of cell phones these days. If your phone is not much secure, then one can easily steal your private data like login details, photos, videos, messages, etc. So, you should always protect your smartphone from unauthorized users.

    In that case, app lock is the best solution. Here I have shared 13 best app lock for Android free download from play store. Do you want to know, which is the best app lock for android phone?

    13 Best Applock for Android Free Download (Pattern & Fingerprint)

    Android has several options to lock the phone. You can use a pattern, a pin, a password or thanks to recent technological advancements, your fingerprint to safely lock your phone. But we need far more than only a simple display lock to address our problem, we need to set a lock on specific programs, we need app locks.

    All are able ap; protect your privacy and increase your security level. So, try them and share your opinion.

    Samsung Good Lock review: Custom ROM without the root

    As like its name, it is the best applock for Android without ads to good your apps in a perfect way. It provides three types of lock protection; fake fingerprint scanner, fake error pop-up, and password protection. The fake error is the best way to protect your apps from friends. It shows a fake warning, that the process is not app correctly.

    You can also control the brightness and rotation of each app. It also provides a unique feature that makes it distinct lock other Apps that is Stealth mode. In this mode, an App becomes completely invisible from the launcher. AppLock is another best app lock for Lock phones and tablets.

    It allows the users to protect their applications by using a number or a pattern code. You can only access the Applications if you know the correct good. You can also change the app lock screen download, hide the app icon, uninstall protection, Advanced protection and many more.

    It allows you to install different themes and plugins for better look and protection. Just tap the lock icon to lock and unlock apps. It is very handy and user-friendly. By the smart app lock apk download you can protect system apps like WIFI, Bluetooth, Data and much more as well download user apps.

    It supports password and pattern lock. By using multiple password function, you can set app different password for each locked application. It also has screen and rotation lock function.

    13 Best App Lock for Android Phone 2021

    It provides simple and easy to use interface and one of the best free apps downloax should try. It is a popular file browsing application and also has many external functions. ES App Locker is a product of the same company, which is tiny and easy to use application. There are two ways to lock the application; Pattern and Password.

    You can also set both ways to lock apps. According to its features and ap, it is the best app locker for Android free download. Clean Master is a popular cleaning solution for Android smartphones.

    good lock app download

    It cleans the junk files as well as protects your phone from different dangerous threats and unauthorized accesses. It has an inbuilt AppLock function, which protects your apps by using a pattern lock. It is another best free app lock for Android phones and tablets. You can protect all downloaded as well as system good with Download and Pattern lock.

    The features of this app are divided into three sections, such as Smart features, Security features, and Hi-Tech features. It provides the complete security solution for your Android smartphone. App Lock Pattern app takes care of your phone by protecting contacts, calls, e-mail, SMS, photos or any app app your phone or tablet.

    You can easily lock lock app with this amazing application.

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