Vonage business windows download

vonage business windows download

Vonage SoftPhone is a fully functioning telephone interface that you can download and install on your PC or Mac and use without your Vonage phone adapter, even when you are traveling. With the SoftPhone you can make and receive calls, pick up voicemail and use most other Vonage features. Includes minutes to U. See Install X-Lite. This third party software supports later Windows and OS versions that are not compatible with the Vonage SoftPhone software. Apply the following settings and click OK :. Calls within the U.
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  • Vonage Business Cloud | Answer | Vonage Desktop App

    You can enjoy the convenient and intuitive interface for sending and receiving text messages using the same phone number as your desk phone. Windows msi Unity Call Center Agent Allows agents to control their call center presence, locate supervisors, and escalate calls.

    vonage business windows download

    Supports barge-in, alerts, and changing agent queue statuses. Windows msi Unity Receptionist Allows front desk call handling. Displays visibility into a large number of concurrent calls using presence and call controls for redirecting calls.

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    Windows msi Unity Dashboard Allows real-time display of call center queues and statistics on a large screen. View calls in the queue, average wait time, missed, received and answered calls. Windows msi VideoConnect Collaborate in real-time with HD quality video conferencing from your desktop, web browser, smartphone, or tablet, in or out of the office.

    The Skype for Business connector gives you a robust set of features and easy download with the Microsoft Skype for Windows application. A single license allows you to vonaeg the communicator on one PC and up to five Android or iOS devices. Attended Transfer Speak to the other party before transferring the call. Transfer to Voicemail Transfers the business to the voicemail of another extension.

    Dial a phone number vongae then click the number in the list, or click the Directory icon and select a contact. Park Parks a call into vonage numbered spot. Once parked, you can retrieve the call from a different phone in your office. See Call Park for details. Hold Places the call on hold.

    vonage business windows download

    End Ends the call. View up to six months of call history. Sign in to the Desktop Sownload. Click Calls and then click the RecentMissedand Recordings tabs to view history and recordings. Enter a number or select a party from your contact list. Type your message in the Type Message Here window.

    Jul 06,  · Windows. Go to your Downloads folder and double-click scratchhouse.co Install the application. The application automatically opens when the installation completes. Mac. Go to your Downloads folder and double-click scratchhouse.co Click and drag the Vonage Business application to your Audio: Specify your microphone and headset. Sep 17,  · Click Windows SoftPhone to download the setup wizard. Click Run to launch the setup executable. Click Next to start the Vonage SoftPhone installation. Follow prompts until presented with the option to launch the SoftPhone. Mark Launch X-PRO Vonage checkbox and then click Finish. Click Next to start the Audio Tuning Wizard. Vonage® Integration Suite. A cutting-edge phone system integrations platform that seamlessly connects to the key business productivity tools you depend on while helping you better manage your communications data. The Vonage® Integration Suite, powered by gUnify, platform reimagines the way business communications are initiated and captured.

    Click Send. Manage Messages Hover over a message and click the Elipsis icon 3 dots for options that include forward, copy, and delete. Send Messages Create a group download send messages with other users on the account and business up to 12 months of stored messages. Click Team Messaging and then click the New Windows button.

    Enter a Group Name. Search for contacts to add. Click Create. Hover over a message in the group and click the Elipsis icon 3 dots for the following vonage Forward Forwards the message to groups or team members, up to five at a time.

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    These messages display a Forwarded indication in the thread. Copy Copies the contents of the message.

    Delete Deletes the message for either you or all members of the group. Leave Group Click Team Messaging. Click the Elipsis icon 3 dots in the group section and then click Leave Group. NOTE: This action cannot be reversed and you must be invited again to rejoin. Mute Notifications Click Team Messaging.

    Click the Elipsis icon 3 dots in the group section and then click Mute Notifications. Select the mute duration time and then click Mute. Mentioning a group member in a message overrides mute for that message. Sign in to the Admin Portal. Click the Accountthen click Message Settings.

    Click Save. Delete Click Contacts. Hover over a message and click the Elipsis icon 3 dots. Click Delete. Import From Outlook Export your contacts in a. Click Contacts. Click the Import Contacts icon top right and then follow the instructions. Click the Import Contacts icon top right.

    Attach the template file and then click Upload. Continue to follow prompts to the end and then click Finish.

    You are ready to make calls. Read the License Agreement and click Agreeif displayed. Drag the Vonage SoftPhone icon to the Applications folder. If you do not have permission to install to the Applications folder, drag the icon to your Home folder instead. Go to the Applications folder or your Home folder and double click the Vonage SoftPhone icon to launch the application.

    The Vonage SoftPhone is displayed. Download and install: Go to www. Download and install X-Lite software for your operating system businesz.

    See plans and pricing. Vonage® Desktop­ overview. Vonage® Desktop is a free app that allows you to use your Vonage Business Communications phone service from your computer. Make calls and send texts from your Vonage Business Communications phone number using the integrated softphone, view your contact history with clients, see missed calls. Make calls and send texts from your Vonage Business Communications phone number using the integrated softphone, view your contact history with clients, see missed calls, and listen to voicemails—all in one easy-to-navigate interface. How Vonage® Desktop works. Download and start using these Vonage ® Business Cloud or Vonage ® Enterprise apps and plugins today. Mobile App Get the robust features and functions of your office phone system in the palm of your hand.

    Ensure Domain is marked, not Proxy. Calls to the Download. All charges for calls that exceed the minutes for local calls and any international charges are included in your monthly bill. Important Notes SoftPhone Telephone Number You cannot change the telephone number of your SoftPhone and you cannot transfer this phone number to another phone line.

    Third windoas application software maintenance is the sole responsibility business the supplier. Our Support Technicians can assist with username, password and winrows name only. Not all software has downlod vonage to work with our VoIP service. Vonage is not responsible for any software issues, updates, or conflicts with other software that will disrupt the Windows ability to work properly.

    Third Party Softphone Software may have features such as instant messaging, fax, and video conferencing features built into the phone but these features are not supported by Vonage. If used, unsupported features can cause undesirable effects on your phone service.

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